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  • We will send You a link to Your personal online folder. That's where You put all Your tracks exported from Your DAW from the same point of time (i.e. from the beginning of a song. We accept files in wav. 24bit/48 Khz format, but other formats are also acceptable after consultation. The tracks must be CLEAN recordings – meaning no plugins or processing should be applied unless they are an inherent part of a sound. After we are done, we will send You a link to our Soundcloud account, so You could listen to the finished mix.


  • Good mix can change an average recording into a very good one, but sometimes the source material is plain useless and nothing can be done about it. In such cases we will refuse to work on it, as any other serious mixing engineer would do.  But even at those rare moments nothing is really lost. Remember, that we also provide recording services, so we can aid You in recording tha material again from scratch. RECORDING


  • We discuss the budget and You pay a small advance (around 20%). As the work advances we give You access to the finished songs on our Soundcloud account.You get the final wav files only after the finalpayment has been made.


  • The first mix adjustment is for free. Every next adjustment/change of mind adds 10% to the basic rate.


  • It takes us up to two days to mix a song, but it can be more if the material is very complicated. We offer an optional express mode (up to 12 hours), but that will cost You extra 50% added to the basic fee, and it's not always possible. Depends on our schedule and complexity of the material.


  • it's all individual, because much depends on the quality of the material to be mixed and on its complexity. If You send us vocal tracks which need some serious tuning, or a song with hundred tracks, the rate will be higher. Besided that we are also musicians and we understand, that a starting indie band will have a different budget, than a national TV station. Which means we are very flexible and open to negotiations. At the end of the day, what matters most is the final outcome and Your satisfaction.

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