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If You ever wondered why Your music doesn't sound like songs on the radio, here lies a big chunk of the answer. A good mix can make an average recording shine. It will allow Your music to breathe, become dynamic and three dimensional. Mixing is our "Specialite de la Maison". Marcin Staniszewski is responsible for the duty. As a musician and experienced mixing engineer he has wide open ears for all kinds of genres – from pop, rock to IDM - You name it. Our clients often ask us in which domain do we mix – analog or digital? The answer is simple – with the proper one. Tools are just all that we need to make Your music sound exceptional. And yes - we also use valve equipment. But we mix with our brains. That is our favorite gear. Check oursPORTFOLIO.


We can record literally anything. Well, maybe except Philharmonic Orchestra. We collaborate with some of the finest Polish recording engineers. Among them is Andrzej Izdebski (Terry Riley & Repetition Orchestra, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto, Tony Levin). So if You want to record Your band, a lector, or maybe need a field recording of birds singing in Your garden, we are at Your disposal armed with proper equipment (we can even record underwater) and experience, that will make Your material sound crystal clear. And remember – we are all musicians, so we now how does it feel, to record a verse for the tenth time. Together we will make it work!

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With 15+ years of experience in music production in many different music genres, as well as in advertising there is hardy any musical form that can surprise us. Each time we had to cope with a full album or just a 30 sec TV commercial, we often had to develop the whole musical concept. Therefore we can help to take Your ideas to the next level and transform sketches into a well shapes pieces of art. Whether You are a beginner of a seasoned songwriter, we can solve all the problems lurking on the path to Your stardom - we can compose, arrange, record, mix and master Your song, and provide assistance during every stage of Your creation. 


Why whould You need mastering, when You just spent money on recording and mixing? Well, sometimes You don't need to master a track at all. If the musicians got the perfect takes, the material was recorded with the highest standards and the mixing engineer knew what he was doing, it is possible You are ready for a stardom already! But those cases are really rare, because even a great recording can be made even better, when a pair of specialized ears analyzes its content from a fresh perspective. That's when Your music gets that extra few percents of hyper shine. Good mastering engineer will make Your music sound loud (but not flat), punchy and wide. At Color My Sound we collaborate with few mastering engineers - among them is Marcin Cichy from Plug Audio Mastering. He is also known as half of Skalpel duo (Ninja Tune) and worked for such clients as Sony Music, Warner, Polish National Television or BBC.

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